UNA RC KIRO RAFTING is a company of Ćoralić and Mujagić families, specializing in water tourism and adventure tourism.

UNA - River

R – Representativeness, Recreation and Rafting

C - Center

"UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING is located in Golubić, 5 km upriver from Bihać. It occupies 20 000 m² of land along the river Una, with three villas for guest accommodation, a cabin, a campground, a parking with constant security, and a landscaped areas for picnic and recreation. The sports airfield Golubić is 1 km away from "UNA RC".

"UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING KAMP is categorized by the Decision of the Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Services of the Municipality of Bihać as a hospitality facility for accommodation with three stars, and provides accommodation services in campsites, rooms and apartments. The camp spreads over 20,000m2 of land within the UNA RC KIRO RAFTING CENTER in Golubić, Bihać, USK, FBiH, BiH and occupies 2250m2 on which camping sites and facilities are located and where accommodation is provided.
If you are looking for perfection in the organization of rafting, we are the right solution. We assure you that you will notice a large difference with our staff, the highly trained guide-skippers, who have the licenses of IRF (International Rafting Federation) and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications, a high-quality equipment and boats with attests, registrations, usage permits, and a high-level organization as opposed to others. Our professionalism, quality and dedication to rafting are unrivalled in BiH, and we are equal to, if not better than, the same or similar agencies in Europe and the World.

Rafting cannot be told, it has to be experienced.