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"UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING is a family business, specialized in water and adventure tourism.

UNA - River

R - Representativeness, Recreation and Rafting

C - Center

"UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING is situated in Golubić, 5 km upstream from Bihać. It occupies land of 20 000 m² along the Una River. It has three guest villas, a log cabin, camping area, parking lot with non-stop security, picnic terrain and recreation facilities. The sports airport in Golubić is just 1 km far from "UNA RC".

"UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING CAMP is categorized by the Department of Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Bihać as a catering facility for accommodation - camp with three stars, which provides accommodation for campsites, rooms and apartments. The camp is laid out on a property area of ​​20 000 m² in the "UNA RC" KIRO RAFTING CENTER in Golubić, Bihać, Una-Sana Kanton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and occupies 2250 m² on which campsites and accommodation facilities are located.

If you are looking for perfection in rafting organization, we are the right solution. We guarantee that you will notice a big difference of our stuff, highly qualified skippers-guides, high quality equipment and boats with certificates, registrations and use permit.

Our professionalism, quality and dedication to rafting are unrivaled in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are equal, if not better than similar agencies in Europe and worldwide.

Rafting cannot be told, it has to be experienced.


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Una RC prospectus

Map of the "UNA RC" camp

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Special recognition in action of highest managers. The greatest recondition for Bihac region rafting development.

Golden Caterer Crown

Golden caterer crown 2007 year in Rafting offer category.

Licensed Guides

All rafting guides are licensed by IRF (International Rafting Federation).