Una River has become a popular place for bachelor / bachelorette party, for good reason. If you are an open-air or outdoor crew, you do not miss the recreational activities that will be pumped up by adrenaline, including rafting on a wild river, UNA RC brings a lot of  bachelor / bachelorette party on the river every summer, so we know about planning bachelor / bachelorette rafting parties.

Bachelor / bachelorette party need not be synonymous with a disreputable male/female circle of friends that invites dancers or strippers to entertain them until dawn. When a future bride / groom asks what you did for a bachelor / bachelorette party, you can show her photos of your crew that are rolling some of the best waterfalls on the Uni River.

Therefore, girls and boys relax and allow your future life partner to spend their last free night with the taste of adrenaline. That they spend adrenaline-filled, crazy and fun night in untouched nature, on a picnic area near a river, or at a weekend house.

They will come back to you tomorrow anyway!

And do not forget that this rafting adventure symbolizes your decision to leave a single life and start a married life, which means you should celebrate with style.